Grief Life

Grief Life
A memoir by Diana Register
Based on a true story

It happened out of nowhere.
Diana and her high school sweetheart Chad were living an ideal life. They were raising kids, working in public service, travelling and watching their daughter compete in gymnastics.
When everything just changed.
Soon, they found themselves embarking on an eighteen-month battle to save Chad’s life after a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer at only forty-four. Full of hope, they travelled the country searching for treatments and begging some of the best doctors in the world for help.
They never gave up but the monstrous cancer beat them anyway.
After Chad died, Diana set out to bring awareness to the disease but found that her raw, no-holds-barred comments about grief were what people resonated with most. In her advocacy, she soon learned that it wasn’t just death people were grieving and that everybody is living a “Grief Life” in some way.
Chad was Diana’s “person”:
Her confidante. Her best friend. The keeper of her stories. The vault for her memories. The man whom she loved, admired, respected and appreciated the most. The man she never thought she would have to live without.
It is her hope that if you can see that she can survive her loss, that you will be able to survive yours too.
It happens out of nowhere.
And everything changes.

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