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Come join Amanda Forry-Fino on March 25th to help celebrate her release of her story: Living Strong With Cerebral Palsy


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This is a redux of Cerebral Palsy Gal: A Novella. The new version is more heartfelt and touching, and I have used all my heart and soul into creating it, which I hope you will enjoy as much as I enjoyed putting together.

Amanda was born with cerebral palsy due to the complications that occurred during her birth. In her autobiographical, she recounts the trauma she experienced as a youngster, enduring physical, mental, and emotional abuse from her family and coping with her father’s cancer diagnosis at the age of 59. It was a chance meeting with a former US intelligence officer, Ronald Fino, his Russian-born wife, Alla, and their son that eventually saved Amanda, enabling her to pursue her lifetime dream, becoming a best-selling writer. Living Strong with Cerebral Palsy is an inspirational, heartwarming, and profoundly moving account of a young woman’s life and struggles to discover her voice and develop her self-esteem to advocate for other people with severe disabilities.

Living Strong with Cerebral Palsy is also available as an audiobook with narration by Lilly Canon. Amanda Fino

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