13 Days Until Christmas Book Countdown


Make a snow angel today, if you have snow that is. Either way, here are a few books for you to check out πŸŽ…

New release ONLY 99Β’

Getting Screwged is live!
Christmas is hard, tall and dark this year and comes as a Marine with a rugged body made for pleasure. She’s a little bratty, but has a tender heart in need of love.
Grab yours for 99Β’ or read in Kindle Unlimited
Amazon US: http://bit.ly/gettingscrewged
Amazon Worldwide: http://mybook.to/gettingscrewged

Release Day Giveaway: Penelope Wylde’s Alphalicious Club

πŸ”₯Turn the Elf on the shelf away for this naughty tale! Christmas comes once a year, but Eve will be coming every night!
I get what I want. But my hot bodyguard knows every little sweet thing my body needs this Christmas.
It’s Christmas eve, just another day for me. Staying home to unwrap presents in an empty home isn’t my idea of fun. Hanging out with friends, making bad choices and losing my pesky V card seems like the better option. At least I won’t be alone.
Until he shows up.
Captain Dyson is everything you imagine a former Marine to be. Sinfully gorgeous, intimidating AF, and deliciously hard all over. Just the kind of man you never want to tick off.
Of course, it’s my new favorite hobby when he thinks he’ll be dragging me home for another empty Christmas with my scrooge father.
But the arrogant Marine has no intentions of waiting for my permission. When a freak snowstorm lands us secluded and all alone, it’s just me, my handsome well-dressed bodyguard, a handful of those bad ideas I mentioned. And a whole lot of snow.
It doesn’t take me long to learn I like the way my guard uses his body to warm me up by the fire and chase away the wintery chills. Suddenly Christmas isn’t looking so bad after all.
You see, I’ve made a list and he’s checking it twice. If I’m naughty he’s promised I’ll get every inch of my present.
My bodyguard is about to find out his sweet Holly is more naughty than nice.

❀ Make sure to check out all of the books in the Santa’s Coming series here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08LDG8RS1

Pre order $2.99

                   Oh, Deadly Night
    Rena Marin and Skylar McKenzie
       A Dead Oaks Christmas Story

UBL: https://books2read.com/u/3RKRjv
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08KSQ439T

Christmas has come to the sleepy, little town of Dead Oaks. The children’s laughter fills the streets as the joy of the season distracts the townspeople of the horrors they have recently faced. But joy never lasts long in Dead Oaks.
Christmas Eve night doesn’t bring the gifts and happiness they expect. Instead, something evil walks the streets while the town slumbers. It has come home for revenge. It feeds on their sadness. Most of all, it has returned for the children.
Will the darkest night in Dead Oaks history ever end or will the evil find a way to sleigh them all?


Special Delivery The Boyfriend Material Series (Book 1) Lauren Blakely


All I want for the holidays is the secret potion that’ll help me resist my brother’s new business partner. You know, the super hot, super sweet, super smart guy I now have to plan the holiday party with.
I mean, really. Who thought THAT was a good idea?
Oh, me. Yep, brilliant, strategic me who raised her hand and said yes I’d love to hang mistletoe with that sexy former sports star. I’d love to taste test spiked hot chocolate with that charming, flirty man. I’d love to get snowed in with the one guy I shouldn’t fall for.
As long as I can make it through the holidays I’ll be on my merry way, fa la la la la. But the holidays have a surprise for me.

Come back tomorrow for more new Christmas releases, deals and freebies. Merry Christmas and enjoy that sexy Santa πŸ˜‰

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