Reverse Harem ~ Seduced By Sloth

🐾πŸ¦₯🐾Seduced By Sloth🐾πŸ¦₯🐾
(Seven Deadly Sins Series)
Rachel Starkie

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Finding interesting ways to stay awake may be the least of this man’s problems.
LΓΉcas MacAilein is Sloth, the youngest of seven brothers. Seven well-known brothers. Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, and Wrath are their forced callings. Together they oversee the Deadly Sins. Each has its own unique set of distractions, like trying to rip out their Sins, break curses, the basic day in the life of a half-demon.
LΓΉcas has been set to a task. His half-sisters Coral, and Aqua, with whom he shares a mother, have been taken by their Mage father. LΓΉcas knows he must do whatever it takes to save them.
With the help of Gizmo, his Tech Witch best friend he must keep on the trail, and keep himself interested in its direction, or risk his Sin winning over his desires.
Will his mates a WereKitten and a Sea Dragon be helpful cohorts or distractions? Hell only knows and it is not giving up any secrets…
**LGBTQ Themes
***Trigger Warning
***Strong Sexual Content Including Multiple

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