PREORDER ~ Guardians Of Light Boxset

πŸ–€β–ͺοΈŽΒΈβ€ž.β™‘-β€’~β˜†P R E O R D E R β˜†~β€’-β™‘.β€žΒΈβ–ͺοΈŽπŸ–€
The Guardians of Light series (BoxSet Books 1 through 4)

Firefly of Immortality (book 1) The Shining Ones (book 2)

πŸ–€Voted Best Selling YA Novel by Preditors
and Editors Critter Poll πŸ–€

Firefly: The Half-Blood Angel (book 3)

The Valley of the Shadow old Death: Nephilim Rising (book 4)

Slip into creation myths with The Guardians of Light as they battle against evil. Follow Incaendiel and Sophie’s love story as they fight to restore all of the fallen angels back to the light. Watch as their children – Damian, Luxina, and Xavier – try everything in their power to thwart the apocalypse on the horizon. These five aren’t just angels; they are the fabled Shining Ones, heirs to the galaxy, and they are the only hope for the future of the Universe as the powerful god Alpha tries to bring it all down to ruins. Jump into this alternate creation retelling of gods and goddesses, angels and fallen angels. Join the Nephilim and Fae as they help the Shining Ones rein in Alpha. Watch as the Guardians of Light find allies in the Werewolves, Vampires, and all Children of the Night. This series has it all! Check it out on Amazon!

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