FREE ~ Next In Line

From the author of the film-optioned book, Wait With Me, Amy Daws has a freebie you don’t want to miss!

Next In Line, the follow up book to Wait With Me is FREE for a limited time! This is a brother’s best friends rom-com that’s set in snowy Boulder, CO and is sure to warm you up this season!

After being dumped on Christmas by the “love of her life”, Maggie goes on a spontaneous soul searching adventure…which leads her to sharing an ice fishing shack with Sam, the bearded stranger who punched a man in her defense within minutes of meeting her.

The two share a kiss that’s hot enough to melt the ice they’re fishing on and when they part ways, they assume they’ll never see each other again.

However, what Sam doesn’t realize is that Maggie isn’t just a strangerβ€”she’s his best friend’s little sister.

The two try to stay away from each other, but sizzle hot chemistry makes keeping their secret far more difficult than either expected.

Especially when one of them decides they want this arrangement to be more than just a catch and release.

Grab it for FREE now! –>Β

**And be sure to add on the deep discount whispersynced audiobook, narrated by Erin Mallon and Teddy Hamilton!

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