Alpha Encounters: Nomity ( A Blue Moon Riders Tale)

#KU #Nomity #Werewolves #AlphaMales #TrueMates #LeecheProblems Attraction is Unstoppable when instinct kicks in #BlueMoonRiders1 #HHAuthors


Ten years ago, Nox Randall was carefree and ready to take on the world, until the Vampires took it all away. Now he is the leader of a dwindling pack of Werewolves. Together they are the Blue Moon Riders. A motorcycle group that spends its time running prescription drugs out of Canada and trying to care for the town below.
Amity Rae Barnes works in the local shop, serving malts and candies to the tourists. On the side, she makes and sells the clothing she designs. She’s just a simple small-town girl. Or so she thought, until an animal on a dark and rainy road, changes her life, forever.

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