Sedona’s Heart

Sedona’s Heart
Sasha Fino

Set in the surroundings of Sedona’s Red Rocks, teenager Kimberly has been dealt a tough hand. Sheโ€™s an Army orphan who has been forced to move in with her aunt Blanche, her motherโ€™s sister, Blancheโ€™s drunken oaf of a husband, Dean. But things arenโ€™t all bad, as Kimberly finds a new friendship with Lexy, the daughter of Max, a prominent widower and businessman in town.

“Like two ships that pass in the night.” Max told Blanch thinking that a one-night fling when they met, which awoke Blancheโ€™s long, lost desires are awakened as is Maxโ€™s need to build a solid romantic relationship. Next, Blanche and Kimberly open the Sedon’s Heart Cafe, a surprisingly successful restaurant that quickly becomes a favorite in the community
Will Dean or a woman from Max’s past interfere in their grand love affair?

Warning: This book contains erotic sex, and is only suitable for a mature reading only.

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