Can love and sacrifice break a two-hundred-year-old spell?

Ravenlight ~ https://amzn.to/2Rdzcx6

Sophie Brannigan
Ten years ago, when I was eight, a raven rescued me from a fifty-foot plunge caused by my father. For years, the same bird stayed at my side like a best friend and protector. There was something special about him, but I had no idea just how unique he was until I found him in my room one tonightβ€”in human form and irresistible.
To free him requires a soul sacrifice; is he worth it?

Revan Chogan
Ever since the day I saved her lifeβ€”both from a deadly fall and an abusive, drunken fatherβ€”I’ve secretly hoped Sophie could break my curse. Two hundred years ago, a rival enemy’s shaman doomed my tribe to live as ravens in retribution for our transgressions.

One day each month, during Ravenlight, the spell lifts and we assume our original forms. Instead of joy, though, being human is a reminder of what I’ve lost. I can only pray she finds me worthy after learning my sins.

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