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The Red Rider: A Reverse Harem Zombie Romance (End of Days Book 3)
JB Trepagnier

The Horseman of War is on the scene and nothing about the apocalypse prepared me for Dice.

I thought Aeron and his murdering horse were crazy. Try everything about Dice. Iโ€™ll bet his murder horse is even worse than Aeronโ€™s. Weโ€™ve moved from Mexico to Diceโ€™s base in Florida. If youโ€™re wondering where all the military ended up after the war, they all follow the Horseman of War now. It must be his angel superpower because not only does he have planes and firepower here, heโ€™s got people that can use them. Heโ€™s got people all over the freaking world.

I donโ€™t know the first thing about war. In fact, I slept through World War III. Dice has bombs ferreted away, but we arenโ€™t using them to light my fatherโ€™s ass up and send him back to Hell. The three Horsemen Iโ€™ve met so far have some long-term plan. So, Dice is fiddling with explosives to make them into a delivery device for Leifโ€™s zombie killing serum without blowing the rest of humanity to kingdom come.

Did I mention the part where we are letting a dude with a bright red mohawk and rainbow suspenders play with bombs? Because that part has me a little worried and Iโ€™ve already been chased by zombies and dealt with five trucks full of Nazis.

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