NEW RELEASE ~ It’s Never The Same by Cree Nations

💕*•.¸♡NEW RELEASE ♡¸.•*💕
           It’s Never the Same
            A Texas Heat Book 
                Cree Nations

In the wee hours of the early morning when night is crawling toward the day, hanging on to its darkness for as long as it possibly can, the impact of loneliness sets hard on her heart. The light is there just beyond its reach waiting to be claimed. The beginning of this day was no different than so many others that had gone before, she just lay there in bittersweet anticipation waiting. As each day passes her mind and heart battle to win the ongoing fight to convince herself that when she lay down again to sleep there would be no dreams and she wouldn’t wake at 4:40 AM frantically searching through the darkness, but whatever the cause was always just out of memories reach. But no matter what she always wakes up at the same time breathing deeply waiting and watching for the day to dawn. Missing him. Wanting him. Needing him. Empty without him. (c) Cree Nations

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