NEW RELEASE ~ Candy Bones by Yolanda Allard

🍭*•.¸🍭NEW RELEASE 99¢🍭¸.•*🍭
                      Candy Bones
        A Candy Shop Series Novella
                    Yolanda Allard

Wraith Thanason works nights at Grim Sweets, the spooky-themed candy shop she inherited from her grandmother. Surrounded in sugary decadence evens out her life considering what her secondary job is. Wraith is a reaper. She collects souls to move on to the other side. A violent and dangerous calling that she can’t ignore, mostly because her stupid ledger named Bran has a mind of its own and won’t let her. That’s hardly her only annoyance, either. She’s got a following of souls who refused to cross over after death. The only apparent fun they have seems to be harassing Wraith as she goes out at night to do her job.Specters and ledgers aside, Wraith begins to get used to life without her grandmother. That is, until she comes across a pack of gallu while out on patrol. Tiny demons that aren’t supposed to be out of the underworld. And that’s how Wraith meets Oz. She doesn’t know his last name nor how he fought off a pack of demonic beast by himself considering is only human. He saves her, then runs back off into the night. Before she knows it, gallu sightings are all any of the night society can talk about, and the sightings seem to be the first of many strange things beginning to happen in Wraith’s world. Wraith begins searching for her knight in shining gallu guts to see if he can shed some light on the situation. Wraith’s discoveries soon threaten to unhinge her nights of sweet treats, bossy inanimate objects, and soul snatching. She learns even Death can bite off more than she can chew and it’s possible that Oz with no last name just may be the end of her.


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