PREORDER ~ Love The Man, Love The Club by Penny Anglene & Vera Quinn

Love the Man, Love the Club
(Haunted Hills MC)
Penny Anglene & Vera Quinn

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My club and familyβ€”by blood and by loveβ€”have been my life. My biological family taught me loyalty and love. They instilled me with the morals and showed me the important values in life. Protecting women and children is my job as a man. My club affirmed that love, and loyalty is what a good relationship is founded on. Riding hard and having my brothers’ backs comes from loyalty and love.
My life has never been easy, but I know I would never walk away from my club or my family. We have storms brewing with another motorcycle club. We are waiting for the other boot to drop, and then I meet Emma. Emma’s everything I never knew I needed, but also everything I can’t see myself letting go. Emma is beautiful, sassy, and self-reliantβ€”things I never found attractive in a woman. She has a problem with motorcycle clubs. I have to remind herβ€”Love The Man, Love The Club.

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