NEW RELEASE ~ The Last Wolf Fae

The Last Wolf Fae
  T.M. Caruana


Compassion, love and rivalry. The larger, grey wolf pack hasnโ€™t interfered with the endangered red wolf pack since the Blue Wolfprint Treaty was formed. This doesnโ€™t mean that as humans they have to agree on issues of politics. Arguably, the worldโ€™s resources and humankindโ€™s compassion are declining with rapid speed and the red wolf alpha, Alfred, wants a change. But at what cost.

Twelve competitors are enticed into a highly classified governmental experiment by a cash prize of ยฃ500,000. The rules are simple; enter a fully stocked supermarket, with permission to consume its products, without announcing your starving surrender.

Unaware that the ultra-expensive government project, Green Skyway is at stake, the competition steps up to a whole new level as death falls upon the competitors and everyone is forced to learn of their own animalistic instincts.

There is one decision in particular that Alfred comes to regret. As his emotions for Tasha grow stronger, he also realises there is something different with her. A quality he thought had become extinct long ago. As Tashaโ€™s life hangs from a thread, Alfred knows he has to sacrifice everything to save her. What will happen to the Last Wolf Fae?

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