NEW RELEASE ~ Death With A Cinnamon Sugar Twist


Death with a Cinnamon Sugar Twist
A Donut Shop Series Novella
Rena Marin

Zoey wants nothing more than to find her place in life. Hiding in the shadows isn’t her thing. With the world now accepting people who are different, she knows fitting in is a real possibility. Being undead isn’t going to stop her.The first step in her takeover of the world, the perfect job! Fast food doesn’t appeal to her. With her special circumstances, factory work isn’t a good idea. But when her neighbor offers up a job running the night shift at Destiny’s Donuts, Zoey knows she’s found the answer. If she can keep herself together that is. Nothing comes easy to a living dead girl.Annoying customers, fingers that don’t want to stay attached, and a hunger that is a bitch to control all come together to make Zoey’s first adventure in the workforce something she will never forget. Sprinkle in a regular that has their eye on her and Zoey quickly realizes like donuts, life after death can be a sweet treat.

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