NEW RELEASE ~ Going Further Back by Elizabeth Martin

Β°β€’*β—β—‰βœΏπŸ“š 𝙉𝙀𝙒 π™π™€π™‡π™€π˜Όπ™Žπ™€ πŸ“šβœΏβ—‰β—*β€’Β°
Only 99Β’
Going Further Back Running Out Of Time (book 3/5)
Elisabeth Martin

James thought he changed the future, but instead, he sent it on another dangerous path.
When James discovers everyone around him is now obsessed with robots.
It seems inane, but as James looks more into it, he finds out the devastating truth.
Now, James realizes he must go further back, back to when the evil Reyton corporation began. Back before they were known for the deadly disease, or the cybernetic implants. He now needs to go back to before they were a corporation, to hit them where it hurts.
He knows immediately what he must look for. Those master copies. He knows what he must do, and together, with the help of two comrades who also have a beef against Reyton Corp and Harold, they must do the impossible and beat them at their own game.
But, will they make it? James didn’t know, but he fears he may be running out of time.

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