Join the rebellion with Sanctuary’s Warlord’s captivated wife Wren

This is an unedited except for Nikita Slaterโ€™s upcoming novel, Sanctuary’s Warlord, COMING SOON!


โ€œGet the fuck out.โ€

Garrett hurries away without another word, clearly relieved that his boss isnโ€™t immediately swinging that big ass knife at him. Diogo turns toward me, making his way slowly over. He reaches for the rifle strap slung across his chest and pulls it over his head. He drops it on the table as he passes it and continues toward the kitchen.

Waves of aggression hit me as he approaches. His eyes are hot, angry and filled with lust as they rove over me. I feel that look right down to my bones. My stomach swirls and my blood flows heavily through my veins as I respond to him on a visceral level. I clutch at the counter behind me, the half-finished can of peaches forgotten.

He walks right up to me and pinches my chin between his fingers, tipping my face up to his. โ€œYou will never again appear as you are dressed now. I am the only one that gets to see you like this. Understand?โ€

My heart thunders in my chest as Iโ€™m faced with Sanctuaryโ€™s Warlord. The man that kills for the thrill. That rules the city without a conscience. Iโ€™m stunned by the vehemence of his gaze and though part of me wants to argue, wants to point out that I couldnโ€™t have known Garrett was out there when I left the bedroom, I realize that, in this moment, the best path to take is submission.

โ€œI understand,โ€ I whisper.

His gaze takes on a satisfied glint, though they still glitter hard obsidian at me. โ€œIf you ever think to flirt with any of my men then I will kill them, Taran. No questions, no second chances. You belong to me. I wonโ€™t share you. Understand?โ€

I nod helplessly in his grip.

โ€œSay it,โ€ he demands.

โ€œI understand, Diogo.โ€

The words barely leave my mouth when his crashes down on mine in a brutal kiss. He buries his hands in my hair and when the sharp, metallic scent of blood hits my nostrils I realize that heโ€™s wearing blood-soaked gloves. Disgust wars with desire as he crushes me against his body, pressing my bare chest to his bloody coat.


heck out the YouTube video for Sanctuary’s Warlord

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