MY REVIEW & PREORDER ~ Scary Mary by Erin Lee

Scary Mary by Erin Lee

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Do you really know your neighbor?
I just love Erin Lee horror because they are more psychological. She gets in your head and twists up all that gooyness to make you wonder what the heck is happening. Joyce is the “new girl” because she didn’t listen to her ghost friends Scary Mary and Crazy Girl. She didn’t realize they were trying to protect her from the monster. Now it’s Joyce’s turn to try and help a couple children to be safe from the monster. What happens at the end will leave you breathless!

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A YA Paranormal Horror Novel
Fifteen-year-old Joyce West only ever wanted to be a singer. To be really good, her instructor had told her, she needed to practice six days a week without fail. β€œNever break the schedule.β€β€œTreat it like a vow.”With dreams of being on β€œThe Voice,” Joyce spent her weekday afternoons practicing with the chorus. On Sundays, she shared her talents as lead singer in the church choir. It was on Saturdays, the only day she didn’t rehearse, where things were a little less than routine. Instead, every Saturday night, Joyce spent her evenings talking to a secret friend named Mary. Mary, who once had big dreams too, confessed only to Joyce the mystery behind her horrific death.β€œI promise you.β€β€œI’ll never tell.”The only best friend Joyce ever had, Joyce was determined to give Mary her voice without breaking their vow of secrecy. It was a goal that could only lead to one thing…Danger.β€œYou can never tell.”

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