MY REVIEW ~ Campfire Tales: Crazy Urban Legends to Burn Your Soul by Crazy Ink Anthologies

Have you read Campfire Tales: Crazy Urban Legends to Burn Your Soul by Crazy Ink Anthologies yet?
Check out my review and then pick up your copy today 😊

Alicia Reads
Fantastically spooky!
November 13, 2018
Verified Purchase
Format: Kindle Edition

Campfire Tales by Crazy Ink Anthologies

I absolutely love Crazy Ink Anthologies and when I seen this up for pre-order I hurried and one-clicked. I am always in the mood for a good spooky and Crazy Ink never dissapoints.

Twisted by Rena Marin

Have you ever loved someone so completely that you would do anything so they were happy? Maddie has done just that for Scott when she let him go to Lana. She knew deep down he still loved her and knew someday he would be hers again. When Lana ends up dead and Scott and Stacey go missing, the cops are onto Maddie. They want the whole story and Maddie would give it to them, the complete story from start to finish. Wow is all I can say about Rena Marin, I need more reads like this.

Beautiful Nightmares by Erin Lee

As kids most of us had that one creepy house in the neighborhood, Erin Lee brings that to life in Beautiful Nightmares. There was once a crazy girl gone missing, and there was Anna the other missing girl. Where they went nobody knew, but they were on a mission to make sure the creepy guy didn’t strike again. He was planning something and they knew it. Nova was the new girl in the neighborhood and she knew that house was bad and she knew she’d be next. Find out how Erin Lee beautifully weaves your nightmares.

Flames of Fear by Sara Schoen

Campfire tales are always supposed to be scary, but Sara Schoen just stepped up my next camping trip. Nicole, her fiance and four of their friends are out camping for the weekend when as a surprise she received a book of scary stories. As they tell their tales around the fire, they start to come to life. Will anyone make it out alive? Watch out for the book β€œTale of Tongues”. Sara Schoen definitely had my attention and my adrenaline up, I think my dreams will be filled with nightmares now.

That Summer by Jim Ody

Ahhhh the wonderful twisted mind of Jim Ody does not disappoint. A group of friends are off on a camping trip to find out they had been led to the site of a murder of teens. When the people in their black hoodies start appearing and offering help the group of friends went with them. What happens after that will leave you scratching your head and wondering what the hell is going on. Don’t visit those houses in the middle of the woods, Jim Ody just make make you remember this story if you do.

The Shadow Riders by J.V. Stanley

Graveyards can be spooky, but also beautiful and historical. Gabby, Quincey and Arbor explore different graveyards of Michigan getting rubs off the beautiful and historic gravestones. When they venture off to find the graveyard that disappears and reappears is when everything goes wrong. J.V. Stanley has a special way of pulling you in and then creeping you out.

The Witch’s Spirit by Lorah Jaiyn

Hunting is a passion of mine, but thankfully for the right reasons, if not then Lorah Jaiyne would have definitely scared me straight with this story.
Four men are excited to be able to have bear season back open after bear being on the endangered list. Barrett, a beautiful girl has other plans. She tells them the story of the swamp witch as a warning and in the end they get what they need. Steer clear of the swamp and maybe you won’t see the spirit if Cypress the huge bear. Lorah Jaiyne definitely rocked this story and had me on my toes waiting to know what happened next.

Tears Beyond The Grave by Chelsi Davis

Atlanta the most haunted place on earth, what do you think? I think that Chelsea Davis has me staying away from the graveyard so I’m not bothered by ghosts or chased by hellhounds. Cris and Arianna have been friends forever and are so close it’s like they share a brain, will they spook each other out enough to stay away? Great read by Chelsi Davis, can’t wait for her next release.

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