Celtic Dragon by Amy Cecil party week, giveaways, and more


Celtic Dragon ~ Knights of Silence MC book 3
Amy Cecil

*There is an old saying. “You can’t escape the ties that bind.”

For me, that has never been more true. My club has been to Hell and back. We’ve had some struggles along the way, but for the most part, my club remains whole.
Now, it’s time to face the battle scars of the past and begin to heal.
Well that was the plan.
Rebel needed his club.
A brother in trouble was all it took for us to risk everything on a mission across the pond, taking us deep into the heart of the IRA.
We thought we knew what we were getting into, but all the intel in the world didn’t prepare us for the price we’ll have to pay to get out.
But that’s what this club is all about.
There’s no sacrifice too great when it comes to helping a brother.
A man without loyalty to his club is no man at all.

*Author’s Note: This book is for mature audiences. Mild cliffhanger that will leave you wanting to know what happens next.


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If you need to catch up and read books 1 and 2 then here they are ❄ 🔥

Amy Cecil

After escaping from the button-down life he never wanted, Caden Jackson is finally free. But freedom comes with a price, and the price Caden paid was the woman he loved.
Emma Baylee has loved Caden all her life, but his choices have left her vulnerable and alone. Now, desperate for help finding her missing friend, Emma must suppress her feelings and return to the man she’s always loved.
Betrayals are exposed as truths come to light. Will Caden and Emma be able to rekindle their relationship? Or, in the end, will Caden’s choices separate them forever?

Please note: This book is intended for mature audiences.


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Ice On Fire – Knights Of Silence book 2

Amy Cecil

I did what I had to do to protect my family, my girl and my club. He claimed to be my brother. He threatened my sister and kidnapped my girl. He touched her. He made me watch. The beast inside took over and the ice-cold killer emerged protecting all that I held dear. I enjoyed it maybe a little too much, but I knew, I was one step closer to returning to my family. Now, the only question that remains: Will they ever forgive me for the things that I have done?


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