NEW RELEASE ~ Sweetened Suffering by Charity Bailey

Title: Sweetened Suffering

Number in Series: 2

POV: Dual

Release Date: 4/22/18

Genre: Dark Romantic Suspense


The problem with getting what you’ve always wanted, is the chance of losing it. Before I met Alexander, I was blissfully blind, unaware of what was possible. Now that I’ve seen the colors of his world, I don’t know how to go back to the dreariness of mine. As much as I want to allow myself to dream of a life that I never knew was possible, the doubts still dig their claws into my mind and I fear the darkness of my past will destroy it all.


Not my wildest dreams or darkest nightmares could have prepared me for the intricacy that is Tavin Winters. As sweet and gentle as she is, the violence and torment that has been woven into every day of her past remains evident. He will pay for what he’s done to her, and I will do my best to give her the serenity she deserves. However this plays out, I will always love her and I will always protect her…even if it’s from herself.

Trigger Warning: This novel contains drug use, explicit sexual content, violence, child abuse, and sensitive subject matter that may be triggering for some readers.

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My jaw has become concrete. Opening it feels impossible so I grate through my teeth, “How does Logan James fit into this?”

His blue eyes darken as his lip lifts in a snarl. “I worked at the Wentworth Coffee factory in the industrial district downtown. It’s a Rissa company.” He pauses, raising his eyebrows as if he figured something out and laughs. “That’s why you care about all this. You’re fucking her.”

“And why is that funny?”

“Because the last time I saw her, she was twelve. That’s still how I picture her.”

My stomach feels nauseated. This man, this life she’s from, is so different from what I know as reality.

“You have five minutes, Winters.” The guard yells from behind him.

What? No! Shit! I need more time. Brian pushes the chair back to stand up.

“Wait. Please. How did Logan get involved with her? Is he the one who hired her to be the Sweet Girl?”

His face squishes together in confusion for a moment before placing his hands on the table to lean toward me. When he speaks, I try not to focus on the black surrounding his teeth, as the stench of his breath makes me a little light headed.

“I don’t know what you mean by ‘Sweet Girl’. What I’m sure you want to know will be answered if you get the video tape.”

Excerpt 2: (Long)

A sun ray kisses my face, bringing me out of sleep. Toben’s arm drapes across my waist and I smile at the comfort of his shallow breathing on my neck. I’m making Drew angry with my nightmares, so they let Toben stay with me when he can. My fingers trace over his scar that’s like mine.

When you bleed, I bleed.

Rolling over to face him, I kiss his nose and he scrunches it as he cracks open an eye.

“Good morning, Love.” I stretch and it feels so good. It’s one of my most favorite feelings in the world. He laughs as he trails his fingers over my stomach. “God, I miss you. Every morning I wake up without you there, I feel empty.”

He’s made it clear how alone he felt when I was with Lex, and I do feel guilty about it. I knew it would hurt him and I stayed anyway. I never wanted that. I wish he could feel what I did with Alexander, so he could understand.

It’s confusing to love two people. I need another word besides love. What I feel for each of them is so different, that the same word can’t possibly fit both relationships.

Toben wipes my tears and bleeds my blood. He has seen every corner, crevice, and deranged hallway of my mind, body, and soul. He has been my partner through hell, and my safe place when the pain was too much to bear.

Alexander opens me up and pours in new light. He’s the color in Oz. His touch is fire and I could get high on his passion. He makes me want to laugh and sing and dance. I feel beautiful with him. He’s a truly good man and those are so much rarer than you can imagine. His slight accent makes my stomach feel like pop rocks and soda and his smile warms my skin. He takes away the grime and filth and replaces it with peace and pleasure. He gives me hope, but for what I’m not exactly sure.

I betrayed them both. The only two people who have ever truly loved me. I’ve said it a thousand times. I could say it a thousand more and it will never be enough.

“I’m so sorry. For all of it.”

His fingers brush over my cheek. “You can still fix it.”

I can’t give him what he wants. I would rather choke on my own blood.

Hot tears sit along the rim of my eyes. “I’m sorry, Toben, I can’t do it. Not anymore.” I press against him and hold his hands. “Sasha says we can start a new life somewhere once we get enough money and we can do whatever we want. We can have our own life away from him. What if we can really do this? What if we can really be free?”

He lets go of my hands to grip my face. “Why are you letting them fill your head with this bullshit? We’ll never be fucking free, Tavin. We aren’t like them. We can’t be ‘whatever we want’ because it isn’t up to us. We’re his toys and it’s what we’ve always been. It’s what we’ll always be. There’s nowhere else to go and you’re making this harder on the both of us.”

How does he not understand? He of all people? “Please, don’t hate me for this.”

“Oh, come on, I don’t hate you. I could never hate you.” His lips press against mine before he softly kisses my hands. “I love you more than the drugs in my veins and you know that. Of course I would never want you to have to live this life. It’s the safest option, Tavin. I don’t think it matters where you go, he’ll find you eventually. Then what do you think he’ll do?”

I press my cheek against his chest; his worn t-shirt is so soft. “I don’t know where I’ll go or what to do when I get there. I just have to try, but I need you…” I have to know, even if I’m scared of the answer. “If I go, will you come with me?”

He doesn’t speak for a long time. I’m about to look up at him when his chest lifts as he sighs. “I know you despise it, but to be honest I don’t mind it much anymore. I get as much pussy and drugs as I want and I can buy pretty much anything. The playdates are just my job. So even though I’m not miserable, I would be without you. I’d leave it all to follow you anywhere, Love.”

His words help untie the knots in my stomach and all the waiting tears fall at once. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I whisper, “Thank you. I love you so much, Tobe.”

“And I love you. More than anything in this wretched world.” He kisses me and rolls off the bed.

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About the Author:

Charity B. lives in Wichita Kansas with her husband and ornery little boy. Candy Coated Chaos was her debut novel and has more titles preparing for release in 2018. She has always loved to read and write but began her love affair with dark romance when she read C.J. Robert’s Dark Duet. She has a passion for the disturbing and sexy and wants nothing more than to give her readers the ultimate book hangover. In her spare time, when she’s not chasing her son, she enjoys reading, the occasional TV show binge, and is deeply inspired by music

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