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This week is book 1 of The Spirus series

The Spirus: book 1
JB Trepagnier

Her entire past has been kept from her. Her tutor and the man who raised her has taught her she cannot leave the house or be seen because no one is supposed to be able to do what she can do. All she knows is hiding. Everything changes when he tells her the only way he will answer her questions about her past and why she is the way she is, is if she journeys to the mainland to deliver a message to the Tempris princess.
They prayed for the Spirus to return during the first war. They prayed for her while their people disappeared. Some were starting to think she was a myth. Who is this girl with all of their abilities at once that none of the tribes know about?

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Amazing new ☆☆☆☆☆ review for Author JB Trepagnier’s The Spirus

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing read for fantasy lovers!!
By Judith Follo
This review is from: The Spirus
This book brought me great joy!! It had me wanting more so it was very hard to put down. I love how the characters all developed and you got to know them. Only one I thought needed more chapters so I could of known him more was Neptis. For a fantasy/ romance book this one also had enough action and suspense that it kept you turning pages. I am hoping that the Author creates more like this. Anyone that loves Fantasy should love this book. It sort of has the appeal that Eragon had.
#JbTrepagnier #TheSpirus #fantasy 

The Spirus: Belisarus’ Diary: book2
JB Trepagnier

In “The Spirus”, we are introduced to Soryn and her destiny. Only her tutor knows about the first nineteen years of her life and why everything was kept for her. After the battle at Idric Island, we find her tutor, Belisarus’ diary. He wrote about her as she grew, how he taught her to use her gifts, and why he kept everything from her.
This is his diary. How did he take her from a locked, guarded room without waking her parents? How did he hide he was Theran from Soryn, given all of her gifts? Why didn’t he tell her who he is to her and why, if he knew who she was, didn’t he tell her and teach her to use all of the gifts she was supposed to have?


The Spirus- The Lord’s Uprising: book 3
JB Trepagnier

Seventeen years after The Spirus, Lisana and her children live in the idyllic peace she brought once she learned what she was meant for. That peace is suddenly shattered as two separate attacks are carried out on her family. Something that neither smells human, nor tribe member comes at Oris, Terros, Leodos, her brother, and child while they are hunting in the woods. Lisana is taking her youngest daughter, her son Rayne, and Neptis and Fluvis to the sea for a swim. She smells something strange and unfamiliar in the forest. As they return from their swim, something from the forest causes a wound to Lisana that she can’t heal herself for the first time in her entire life. At the same time, there is an attack on the humans, causing destruction no one has ever seen before.

What is this strange smell in the forest that is neither human, nor tribe member that can cause that kind of destruction that does not differentiate between humans and the tribes?

The Spirus-The Gifted Child book 4
In “The Spirus-The Lord’s Uprising”, we learn Lisana’s youngest child, Auris, has a destiny similar to her mother. Esylle ends her rule and Lisana must do what she’s never wanted to do and take the throne. In addition to teaching Auris to use her gifts, Lisana must rule the people and the tribes while also making her other children feel special. A mysterious illness befalls Lisana that appears to have driven her mad that she can’t heal herself. With her life in the hands of a human healer, a Theran healer, and seven-year-old Auris, her family struggles to figure out what is wrong and how to heal her while keeping it from the humans, less they try to hurt her while she can’t fight back. Everyone is thinking, but denying to themselves that her gifts and everything she’s done have finally turned against her and driven her mad due to her human blood. Her life rests in the hands of the seven-year-old next Spirus


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