JB Trepagnier Freebie Fridayย 

Author JB Trepagnier has her Special Agent Mauve series book 2 – Naughty Horace is FREE today and…  Special Agent Mauve book 1 Origins is always FREE!! 


Special Agent Mauve: Origins

An anonymous hacker group called “The Arm” has hacked the databases of almost all the secret agencies in the world and released the real names of every agent and people being actively recruited. All the agents have gone into hiding, as well as the recruits. Our heroine works a dead in job at the lowest totem in the insurance world. She used to watch James Bond movies with her father growing up. She views this as a chance to become a secret agent. Now that there is an agent shortage, online programs have popped up to become a secret agent. She signs up for a correspondence course to learn to be a secret agent. The course wants her to do the physical training on her own. She doesn’t have much money, so she trained herself to fight using Tae Bo YouTube videos and she teaches herself to shoot with a potato gun.

She’s ready to rule the world as a secret agent.



Special Agent Mauve- Naughty Horace book 2

Special Agent Mauve has completed her first mission and vowed never to mess up and meet she again. Sheโ€™s progressing in her training and is getting close to a yellow belt. She was not expecting another mission so soon in her training. She was also not expecting the cat.


Special Agent Mauve-Mission: Viper

There’s a new hacker group that could possibly bring Mauve and her team closer to The Arm. To gain access to The Vipers and to get closer to The Arm, Mauve, Cadmium, and Jeremy must go deep under cover in Louisiana, pretending to be claims adjusters. The new bounty on the hacker forum involves a program written written Affirmative, Jeremy’s previous employer and Mauve and her team’s last bust. The program is meant to exploit the high insurance fraud in Louisiana and give the hackers the data to blackmail those committing fraud.

While in New Orleans, the mysterious Cadmium’s past blows up on everyone there. Armed with the tools they need, our trio returns home to continue their training and see how many busts they can get from this one undercover operation. Can they get The Arm this time?


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