Crystal Dreams book 1 by Tracy Millosovich 

Crystal Dreams – Dreams Series book 1

Tracy Millosovich

King (Mita) Thomas of the magical planet Tartan has ruled the world, and his kingdom, Crysalis, with his beloved Queen (Mifa) Tara Rosa for centuries. When the cruel, greedy humans of Earth come ascending on Tartan, his Queen sacrifices her life to protect the planet. With the Queen’s powers gone and their planet on a collision course towards a bloody war with Earth, Mita Thomas sends his trusted general through time to bring Mifa’s reincarnation back to his kingdom where she can hopefully rule at his side as his queen…or be sacrificed to the Angel of Death to bring his beloved queen back from the dead. With little time and an incoming war, no one has time to pick sides.

Crystal Rose, a human raised on Earth in the early 21st century, was currently finishing college until she’s unwillingly thrust into a war between a planet full of magical creatures who hate the human race for starting a war, and the human race, now full of hellish hate.

Between learning what’s really happening, and who is trustworthy, Crystal must also take the reigns to be a queen in a world which hates her. Will Crystal side with her fellow humans or fight against her own race, on the team that might kill her before she gets the Queen’s crown? In the war between humans and magic, whose side are you on?

In this original young adult fantasy, action based romance, Crystal Dreams is book one of the kick-butt Dreams Series that will test your faith in humanity.

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Here’s a review of Crystal Dreams so you can see what others have to say

By Nicole Anaya


I’m in love with it! The story was so original, and it was nothing like I’ve read before. It was a fresh fantasy story with awesome characters and an amazing plotline!

Mita, God, I fell in love with him, HARD. He was a perfect ruler for Tartan ❤ He and Crystal are perfect together, it’s like they complete each other. Like they were mean to be. Crystal is truly a heroine, she went to a unknown planet, with unknown people and she didn’t run away. She wasn’t easily scared, she was a warrior at heart, and a queen at soul. Thomas didn’t have a choice in it, he fell in love with her, and so did she.

And what about Jason and Ana? They were such a good couple, and so good with their daughter! They were also an importan part of Crysalis. Their relationship is so interesting because they are so much alike, but they fit perfect together.

I loved how I could know what everyone was thinking while I was reading the story. It was good having the different versions of each character.

And let’s talk about PLOTTWISTS. I never saw anything that happened on the story, coming. Never could I have ever imagined what was next. The book has secret from the very beggining but they will be revealed as you turn the pages. Until you finish it. and then BOOM!

I can’t wait to find out what happens next! On the new planet!!!!!

Long life to King Thomas and his Queen Crystal!

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