Reckless by Anjalee Scott 


Reckless (Streets 2 Sheets MC book 1)

Here’s a sneak peek at Reckless

I still didn’t say anything, but I climbed on the bike behind him. I’ve never ridden one before, but I wasn’t afraid. As he accelerated, I pressed my tits up against his back and wrapped my arms tightly around his waist. My hair and dress whipped all around us as we flew down the street well above the speed limit, and I felt exhilarated—and turned on. As we leaned into a corner, I clutched him even tighter and let my hand slip lower on his waist as a raw, wild need overcame me, and as my hand rested comfortably on his crotch, I could feel him coming to life. My fingers played over the denim barrier, stroking the bulge to make it grow thicker with each pass of my touch, and a warm, heavy excitement filled my belly. I felt my pelvic muscles tightening, yearning for him to stretch them out.

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Detective Callie Ryan has a challenging time separating her personal life from her professional one when she goes undercover to stop a biker gang, and she falls for the enforcer, Dax Black. To complicate matters further, her ex-boyfriend wants to move back to California and turn up the heat again, while her current love interest refuses to let her go.
Following her flirtatious encounters with Dax, Callie’s team is given a new case to solve. They’re assigned to go after a biker gang that is robbing local businesses, and she recognizes the gang’s logo from the one on Dax’s bike. This gives her the idea to go undercover as his new hangaround. She goes alone at first, but then her partner Jack joins her undercover as her outlaw brother and a prospect.
The sexual heat is strong between Callie, known to the Griffons as Mackenzie, and Dax, but it is also strong with her current beau, Luke. She knows it will be a struggle to keep her relationship with Luke on an even keel while the case develops, and it gets worse when her ex-boyfriend, Jake, shows up in town. She puts Jake and Luke on the back burner, though, by telling them she won’t decide until the case is over. Of course, her budding feelings for Dax aren’t much help.
When Jack is accepted as a prospect, the Griffons invite him and Mackenzie along on their next heist. The two soon learn that the case is bigger than just theft—the gang is part of a trafficking ring, selling stolen bike parts. They also learn, during the arrests, that Dax is an undercover cop, who has been after the ring. When Callie learns Dax’s real identity, she knows he’s the one for her.

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