Alexis Angel’s new book Scandalous



SCANDALOUS Alexis Angel’s hot new secret baby bad boy romance. $0.99 for a LIMITED TIME or FREE on Kindle Unlimited!


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Just looking at him is enough to melt my panties. That’s why I’m not wearing any around him.

Lance Anders. He’s cocky. He’s arrogant.
He’s too beautiful to be real.
But…he’s entirely forbidden.

I’m in a forced marriage to his father. A prisoner in a literally loveless partnership that only exists through blackmail. I have too much to lose.

Besides, I’m 15 years older. That makes me wiser. And my brain tells me to stay far away from him when he comes to visit for the summer.

He’s too risky for me to touch. Too taboo for me to taste.
One touch of this Devil’s lips and I know I’ll be damned.

Then why am I captivated by those deep, soulful eyes?

Why can’t I get enough of that shirtless body? And that bulge in his pants. Is that really his…?

Maybe Heaven can wait…

Scandalous is a full-length standalone romance that will have your naughty bits twitching with delight. No cliffhanger. HEA guaranteed.


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