Gothic Gates by R.M. Simone


Gothic Gates series by R.M.Simone Roshandra Simone
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When it happens… The Dream we hold tightly in our Hearts pours forth in that moment when reality becomes truth…That Truth is LOVE..
VENICE is where Dante takes her and this Romance is like no other…Their past was there in a Gothic time when lovers Gorge a bond…This chapter is still bring written on the waterways of the Soul….

A STAND ALONE NOVEL for the romantic Heart and Believers in LOVE. Gothic Gates Venice, FALLING INTO LOVE by R.M.Simone is book 2 in this luscious series of GOTHIC GATES and into the story of Dante’s world of Goth, history of this and past lives between himself and Samantha Devon. Paperback is beyond beautiful with photos and art inside and a travel log to VENICE and story line when on the canals the heart bursts open and fate of the longing of times past and love not finished as a new chapter was being written. Beyond beautiful this NOVEL is and worth holding in your hands to slowly savor the pages and the words. The Dream she carries is something held within in FOR IF SHE SPOKE it the Dream would not come TRUE. This is a fairy tale of LOVE we all LONG for.

GOTHIC GATES series by R.M.Simone’
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for ‘e book’ and reviews and HD for the art images in this book which are to ‘die for’ gorgeous images and Goth Venice Art History too. a LONG READ…



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