Author JJ Melvin


The Four Points

JJ Melvin

THE FOUR POINTS is a young adult fiction novel that cleverly extrapolates existing diamond myths (the belief that diamonds are associated with sacred moonlight, worn in battle as a symbol of courage and virtue protecting the wearer against serpents, fire, poison, sickness, thieves, floods and evil spirits) to tell a unique, authentic coming of age story. The Four Points is part Davinci Code and part Twilight (with all its romance and angst) and makes a fun nod to movies like The Mummy, by blending ancient and contemporary characters.


Would I have fallen in love if I knew he would leave? Did I believe the saying, “It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?”
I should have listened to my own voice telling me to stay away from him, the only voice trying to protect my heart. All men leave… I had learned this from an early age. I tried my best to fight, to keep him at bay, but he broke down my defenses. He was able to make me do something I swore I would never do… fall in love.
He helped show me who I truly was. He helped me recognize my power, realize my potential, and understand my destiny. I was sworn to protect the earth, sworn to be one of its defenders, but the Watchers were right about me, my soul held darkness.
All evidence of the insecure little girl I once was had disappeared. I was ready for war. The windows shattered as my fury grew. The winds blew faster and faster; the tornado was easy to create, but would I be able to control my powers as my wrath became unleashed? I gazed into the moist blue eyes that had on many occasions before promised to love me forever—promised to stay—yet there he was…leaving. I didn’t care whether it was his choice or not; love was being taken away just like it had always been. I could feel my heart turning cold. I was losing myself.
Could I remain on the side of light when I was being enveloped by anger? Did the world deserve my protection when it did not protect me? Staring into the face of the man that became my everything, I knew I could never regret loving him—but would losing him be the end of me, the end of Erika?


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