Darkness Dreams- Dreams series book 3 by Tracy Millosovich


Darkness Dreams

Tracy Millosovich


First, there was war.
Now, there is madness.

Crystal Rose, once a human of Earth, discovers that her daughter has gone missing, the victim of betrayal. The tiny infant is now in the hands of a corrupt set of magical twins who set out to overthrow the royal family. But before the baby heir can be located, Crystal must contend with a new power, one that could save her kingdom, or destroy it.

Adding to the madness, her sister has been taken prisoner for a crime hard to forgive, and her ally Ana has gone rogue, becoming an evil unlike any other.

In a world of never-ending chaos, Crystal must rely on the spirits of the past and the demons of the present in order to save her kingdom’s future, while also contending with a traitor in her blood. In order to rescue a child of innocence, would you break the ultimate taboo?

A family destroyed. A kingdom in turmoil. Welcome to Darkness Dreams.






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