The Kiss R.M. Simone

BOOK V Saga THE KISS novel one
THE MIST novel two
THE REBORN novel three a VAMPIRE KISMET story and something much more. THE Athanase Paris royal mansion is a family of a bloodline that are BORN this way. VALLEN goes back to ATLANTIS when his some of his Species was captured for hybridization and escaped. He CAME BACK though to help his race and established through his Mother a dynasty he is born into. Something altered this plan to collect those that where trapped here. LOVE… She has a secret too in her bloodline, something she did not know about. His SOUL is kindled by her and her Immortality is kindled by him. THE FIRST KISS… Cosmic Love and a vampire history of those species not of the earth. R.M.Simone;

Paperback all three novels on LuLu and 30 % coupon for September

for the e book and more reviews on this vampire saga:–Kiss-Installment-One-ebook/dp/B00V5INVFW/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8


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