Masquerade stories R.M. Simone


HIGH TEA An American in London.
From Author R.M.Simone’ new romance and masquerade stories.
Finally a trip off to Paris and then London filled with meeting friends from on-line Facebook chats. Where to stay that kept her centrally located to take in the ‘sights’? Kensington Palace area of royal London area near the museums, parks and the original palace of the period of Victoria. The trip moved from Paris, a short hour flight into Heathrow Airport, the train then to Paddington Station and a classic black London cab to find her hotel. Driving in past the palace something rang true to knowing this location in a maybe past lifetime. Then her dreams began and astral traveling around London to places, palaces and points of interest she had never seen before in real life. Somehow she knew it all. Then the invitation came to meet one of her friends for tea which turned out to bring her to Kensington Palace as a guest and into the world her dreams were spinning from. Then those blue eyes. Oh, those blue eyes shot right through her. Time stood still and she was suddenly in a painting of her own life meeting the environment of is presence there in her life. They both felt it. So did everyone else in the room.

ANGELIC romance of one’s True Love and Twin Heart…

Now as to the other NOVEL coming from R.M.Simone’
Beauty of a Man. A young royal 15 year old girl woman had no choice of those times of the 16th period in Austria, but to be promised into a political marriage not of her liking. She was well aware of her family expectations and her role in life. In the shadows was someone observing her. As he caught the heartbeat and her breath, she felt him watching her. She stirred deeply inside of her body a heat that was indescribable other than romance stories she had read in books. She turned briskly to see if he was starring at her and as she did his eyes penetrated through her youthful body causing a fire to ignite. It was then in that first moment of meeting she decided to make him the one she would give herself to. He got more than he bargained for. He won her heart and she gladly gave him that and her body as it was this way for them both.
She saw only beauty in this man and he saw only love for the first time in her. He kindled her power and for her she awakened his immortality.
He was a vampire and she a mortal. A love like no other kind.
She remained his love forever and he never made her like that which he was and that was the Beauty of the Gift he gave to her. ENDLESS love like no other and Her courtly Empowerment into her own True Nature. A young woman is unbridled…

BEAUTY OF A MAN by R.M.Simone a stand alone Novel on a Vampire




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