R.M. Simone Beauty of a Man


working on vampire stuff………
The Beauty that was His,
was beyond what I ever Dreamed of.
Even if that Beauty was of Death,
I wanted to be there with Him.

From BEAUTY OF A MAN by R.M.Simone’…
Roshandra Simone

Nastasia, did not know he was a vampire, how could she? She was from a region of old Europe raised in the courtly customs and schooled in proper etiquette with a naivety that gave her the nature of her inner purity. He was drawn to that. Her soul was Pure. He never saw a soul like this before in a young woman. What she felt with him was this beauty she never witnessed before in a man. What ensued was breathlessly amazing. Why? It changed the royal courts and the time of romance like no other pair ever did before in history. Falling in love with a vampire. Beauty…

Thank you, Roshandra, warmly writing on

A STAND ALONE one Vampire NOVEL Love story of a 15 year old young courtly royal and this Beautiful man she meets in Austria in her exposure to the ways of the aristocracy ….He is a Vampire and she sees only BEAUTY in him. She is being matched for a royal marriage that is the way families created political alliances. This love story takes this young woman girl in a very different direction and changes history of her country. She is to become queen, by her side is this man, well this vampire. She comes into her sexuality and her personal power. He comes into his finding his own humanity within himself as a vampire with a soul.

A very rare liaison and union of two hearts and two spirits that most would think impossible to become this kind of Love. Undying, unending and one of everlasting Bond. He never β€˜turned’ her nor would he. She never asked him to and this was part of the Purity between these two and this LOVE. But being with him, she did not age. A SECRET within this Novel suggests why.https://booksbyroshandra.wordpress.com/page/5/

BEAUTY of a Man is being worked on

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