Killer Dreams by Tracy Millosovich

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Author Tracy Millosovich

Killer Dreams picks up where Crystal Dreams left off.

“No.” My eyes watered as I gasped, whispering the barely audible words. “It can’t be.” My body tingled with the truth. Yes, it was. I just watched my sister, whom I’d recognize anywhere kill our planet’s royal princess. My body began to shake as tears streamed down my face uncontrollably. I covered my face in my hands as I silently hiccupped through the pain that suddenly racked my body through my bones down to my very soul. This couldn’t be true. It just can’t be! My sister, Evelyn, killed my friend! My mind flashed with the pink haired ball of happiness full of smiles. A human killed our planet’s princess. No. My sister killed our planet’s princess. How could my sister do this to me? I held onto my shoulders, and huddled into a ball as my lungs gasped for air willing my mind to conjure up a rational reason why my own blood would kill a magical child. But I couldn’t get the image of dead Merin out of my head. Her blue lips, and closed eyes with her messy pink locks everywhere…She was dead. She was really dead.

“That’s a lie!” I heard someone shout, and I assumed it was Jason. By now I could barely function feeling so numb. All I could see was the body of my friend as my mouth opened into gasping breaths between my tears. Rage. Hate. Pity. Sympathy. I felt everything at once, and then I felt numb. “You’ve rigged it to make us see that, Creed!” Looking up through my tears, I saw Thomas holding Jason at bay from the queen who stood her ground near the fountain which had returned to its normal state. She was silent, probably understanding his outburst. When did Thomas leave my side to hold back Jason?

That moment I realized that we’d have to bring my own sister to justice, and put her on trial for murder. No. Not just murder. Evelyn would have to go on trial for treachery against our world, against our own kind. She’d be faced against me. My own sister. My own blood. And now my own family member’s a criminal. The mere thought of seeing my sister up there on the metal pedestal, her hands cuffed to the interlocked bars above her head, and blood pooling at her feet from the guards or Jason or Thomas beating her while she was locked away under the palace awaiting trial, that thought scared me. That was my own sister. Seeing her bleeding and humiliated in front of the magical jury system sent my mind reeling. Why Evelyn? Why would you kill Merin? She was only a child. She couldn’t have hurt you. My body gave out, completely numb as I opened my mouth to scream, but I heard nothing. My head spun, and I fell to the ground. My eyes witnessed my love’s arms as they came for me, but before I knew it, I was in pitch darkness.


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