Hello Everyone

I am just learning how to do this blig stuff, so please bear with me until I figure it out all the way. Β I will be sharing authors books, events and just having some fun on here.

Thank you all for joining me, Alicia


6 thoughts on “Hello Everyone

  1. WordPress has one of the most user friendly interfaces I think and the reblog function is great in terms of cross promoting and sharing content. One of it’s major issues is the problems with html and that limits the type of content and graphics you can post and also how you can monetise your blog (Eg. you can’t use affiliate links) if you so wish. I’ve also used Blogger over the years which easily addresses those downsides – but I think it terms of look and sharing options it’s far more limited. It’s down to what you want to use your blog for really. I always seem to come back to WordPress – it’s a cleaner look and I find it much easier to find and share content. It links in well to Hootsuite and other social media management tools. Tumblr used to be quite popular as a blogging platform but I’m not sure what the take up is for that now.


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